Our Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities

The Academic Planning Unit in the last six years of the University’s existence has been pivotal in the academic structure and development of the University. It is worthy of note that the Unit carries out the underlined responsibilities among others:

  • Organizes monthly University-wide public lectures
  • Plays advisory role to the University’s Management on recruitment of Academic Staff in consonance with NUC standard of Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Participates in the preparation of University’s Budget
  • Works with SERVICOM in giving staff and student the ideal working conditions
  • Production of the University’s Annual Report
  • Publication of the University Academic Brief
  • Facilitates Mock Accreditation Exercises in the University
  • Facilitates the NUC Accreditation of programmes
  • Monitors the conduct of examinations
  • Administers Student Evaluation of Teaching at various Faculties

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