Academic Planning Unit of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti is responsible for the following duties:


  • Coordinates university-wide survey to update data on key matters concerning the university,
  • Liaises with the various departments and unit for the purposes of updating data concerning student and staff population growth, attrition, graduation, drop-out rate and retirements.
  • Helps the VC in meeting the information requests of the key stakeholders such as Ministry of Education, Council, Alumni and /or NUC
  • Responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the Academic Planning Unit.
  • Analysing academic planning for Master plan development in the University.
  • Producing annual reports and publications in liaison with the Registry.
  • Supervises the compilation of the Strategic Plan of the University.
  • Analysing the University annual implementation budget and their financial prospects and problems.
  • Analysing the actual resource utilization costs in the University.
  • Evaluation of the annual institutional performance against the Strategic Plan.
  • Helping the University in curricula revision and/or review activities as well as ensuring that the University complies with procedures and guidelines on new programme development.
  • Collection and storage of publications of statistical nature from other Universities.
  • Coordinating publication of the University records, statistics, research reports.
  • Member/Secretary of some University Committees/Boards by Statute.
  • Using collected data for making projections and advising the University on areas of direct concern and alert.
  • Participating in the production and or revision of long term, medium term and short-term academic briefs and/or plans and modelling of such plans against reality and university goals.
  • Preparation of research materials papers on the basis of data supplies from feedback information.
  • Assisting in coordinating publication of the University records, statistics, research reports,
  • Supply of information on higher education to government departments, institutions and researchers.
  • Servicing of relevant Committee and Sub-Committees as may be appointed/directed,
  • Facilitate in storage and retrieval of relevant institutional data to approved researchers, especially on academic staff workload, areas of specialization, University‚Äôs research output,
  • Using feedback data for generating information that can be used for evaluating the internal operations of the University against approved criteria,
  • Analysis and interpretation of University annual statistics on enrolments, and staff training and turnover e. t. c; and passing such information on for institutional based research;
  • Maintenance of regular data bank for the University,
  • Internal evaluation of the performance status of the University on all the NUC-approved funding parameters and other guidelines.
  • Performs annual up-dating, projection, analysis and interpretation of data for the planning and preparation of the University budget and the subsequent resource allocation within the ambient of the approved budget.
  • Involved in the collection of relevant data on changing trends on University activities such as enrolments, staff training and turnover, and passing such data on for institution-based research for improvement purposes;
  • Documenting and storing information on the academic programmes of the University;
  • Compilation and categorization of teaching and research equipment,
  • Responsible for liaising with the various units to collect and update data
  • Designing and sharing of questionnaire
  • Assist in preliminary data cleaning and analysis.
  • Supervise the work of data entry clerk.


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